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How Impress Education’s Summer Courses Transform Student Progress

As the academic year draws to a close, schools face the perennial challenge of ensuring that students are adequately prepared for the next stage of their education journey. However, without proper intervention, many students risk entering the new academic year ill-equipped and lagging behind their peers. This scenario not only hampers individual student progress but also poses a significant challenge for schools striving to maintain academic excellence. Fortunately, Impress Education offers a solution with its tailored Summer Courses, designed to bridge gaps, boost confidence, and propel students towards academic success.

The Bridging Course – Year 11 going into Year 12

For students transitioning from Year 11 to Year 12, the Bridging Course offered by Impress Education is a game-changer. Taking place during the final week of the summer holidays, this intensive 5-day program provides students with crucial course context, content, and awareness of the increased workload and expectations of Year 12. Led by experienced facilitators, the course aims not only to impart academic knowledge but also to ignite a passion for the subject—a vital ingredient for success. By addressing potential gaps and laying a solid foundation, students are equipped to tackle the challenges of Year 12 with confidence and enthusiasm, minimising the risk of falling behind in the crucial first term.

Catch Up – Year 12 going into Year 13

For students transitioning from Year 12 to Year 13 who may be struggling to meet their targets, Impress Education offers the Catch-Up program. Collaborating closely with Heads of subjects and Heads of Post 16, Impress Education identifies areas where students have misconceptions or find specific aspects of the curriculum challenging. Through targeted intervention and personalised support, students are equipped with the knowledge and confidence they need to excel in Year 13. The Impress Year 12 into 13 post-exam and summer school serves as a springboard for students, providing them with a solid foundation to move forward and exceed their target grades. With Impress Education’s support, students can navigate the transition from Year 12 to Year 13 with ease, feeling empowered and prepared for the challenges ahead.

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In today’s competitive academic landscape, ensuring student success requires proactive intervention and targeted support. With Impress Education’s Summer Courses, schools can unlock the full potential of their students, bridging gaps, boosting confidence, and fostering a love for learning. Whether it’s preparing students for the rigors of Year 12 or providing catch-up support for those transitioning to Year 13, Impress Education’s tailored programs empower students to thrive academically. Invest in your students’ future success today with Impress Education’s transformative Summer Courses.

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