“Genuinely outstanding!

We are so impressed we have booked again for this year!”

David Austin, Executive Principal, Harris Academy

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Yes, if you have any remaining budget for 21/22 make sure to spend that now or it will need to be returned by the end of August. You can cover 70% of the cost with NTP funding. For 22/23, the allocation drops to 60%.

We certainly do and even reverse the role so the student can become the Examiner! We take the fear out of the final exam so that students can learn with intent and learn with confidence.

Yes, we do.

We can teach to the test as and when required but at Impress, don’t just teach to the test. Teaching a love of learning and encouraging students to feel empowered is what we aspire to do. Demystifying the exam process and showing students there is another way, making it fun.  We teach independent immersive learning and that impacts results.  Our programmes stretch from Key Stages 3-5 and we bridge lost learning.  There is real joy in being able to boost boundary students and stretch those gifted children in earlier year groups.  

We have had phenomenal success with our summer School programmes and Saturday intervention sessions.  students care about their futures, we need to facilitate their appetite to improve.  If you build it, they will come!