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Can you use the school-led tutoring grant for the Impress Programmes?

We are an accredited National Tutoring Programme Partner, which means that you can use Impress at a heavily subsidised rate. For 22/23, the DfE will pay 60% of the cost of our programme..

Do you use only former Examiners, former Senior Examiners and subject experts to deliver the programmes?

We certainly do and we even reverse the role so the student can become the Examiner! Our team at Impress Education has been carefully selected, and we all share the same mission to support schools, improve outcomes and reignite a love of learning. With extensive combined experience, our team knows how to take the fear out of the final exam so that students can learn with intent and learn with confidence.

Do you cover A level and GCSE?

Yes, we provide support for a range of GCSE and A Level subjects, depending on the needs of the partnering school.

Do you only provide GCSE support for maths, English and science?

No, as well as providing help for GCSE maths, English and science, we also offer support for other GCSE subjects, including Geography, History and MFL.

Are you just teaching to the test?

We can teach to the test as and when required but at Impress, don’t just teach to the test. Teaching a love of learning and encouraging students to feel empowered is what we aspire to do. Demystifying the exam process and showing students there is another way, making it fun. We teach independent immersive learning and that impacts results. Our programmes stretch from Key Stages 3-5 and we bridge lost learning. There is real joy in being able to boost boundary students and stretch those gifted children in earlier year groups. 

How are your courses delivered?

Our teaching support is delivered through in-person, in-school learning opportunities, Saturday schools and holiday schools, we also have an ‘Impress the Examiner course’ which can be accessed on demand.

Will students really attend weekend courses and summer schools?

We have had phenomenal success with our summer School programmes and Saturday intervention sessions. Students care about their futures, we need to facilitate their appetite to improve.  If you build it, they will come!

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