An intensive, 20-module intervention program in English Language, Maths (Foundation and Higher) and Double Science.

Our Examiner-Led Consolidation Course offers a structured GCSE support programme for Key Stage 4 students, in particular Year 11.

Providing an on demand examiner-assisted experience through 20 ‘lessons’ based around misconceptions, misunderstandings and the most commonly found challenging aspects of the relevant GCSE courses. Enabling a more personalised kind of learning for students, they can learn at their own pace & watch as many times as they would like.

In a sea of online platforms, offering different ways of learning and revising, our approach has been very simple: to offer solid, pedagogically sound teaching within an online platform that focuses on students consolidating prior learning and then being able to successfully apply this learning in exams. Our GCSE support is designed to be used as a supplementary resource to the amazing teaching that we know is already happening.

Examiner-Led Consolidation Course from Impress

The beauty of this course is in the quality of content and it’s flexibility.

Use as an independent learning tool to consolidate class teaching ‘on demand’. Set meaningful cover in the event of teacher absence or ‘flip it’ – set a lesson as homework prior to class teaching.

Our English language, maths and science courses are organised as approx 1 hour long lessons. 

Curriculum-mapped and sequenced for optimum retention and recall – our GCSE English (AQA), maths (AQA, OCR, Edexcel) & science (AQA, Edexcel) courses consolidate the learning done by the teacher and promote confidence in applying this knowledge in the exam.

A fresh dynamic approach to learning, addressing all problem areas and misconceptions.

Students can digest the information in their own time, as many times as they need.

With assessments and activities showing progress over time, students get hooked into the lesson flow, creating a positive spiral and the live delivery – although non-interactive – gives reassurance that their learning is in safe hands.

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