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We would love you to join our team. We are on mission to support schools, improve outcomes and reignite a love of teaching. The pressure facing schools seems to increase year-on-year and many teachers are turning to either work part time and supplement their income from other sources or find a new way to stay in the teaching profession but without the extreme workload. At Impress, we have developed a framework and an ‘Impress way’ of delivery that keeps teaching enjoyable and relatable. Engagement is everything, an attentive and engaged cohort makes everything worthwhile.

We want to bridge lost-learning, instil a love of learning and take the fear out of exams. If that sounds like something you could get on board with, then fill in the form below and say hello! We will then be in contact to show you how we work.

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Our team of Impress Educators are able to manage their own time and enjoy earning on their terms.

Releasing the pressure

The main reason people join the teaching profession is to make a difference. Delivering a love of learning and helping to shape a life. This can often get lost in the pressure of the profession. Let us show you that there is a way back, the Impress Way.

avoiding burnout

You cannot help others if you have nothing left in the tank. If you feel that there are not enough hours in the day, why not consider a flexible way of working – manage your own diary, earning on your terms and delivering your magic, your way.

Earn per day/ lesson

Impress delivers physical and online dynamic learning through bootcamp-style masterclasses and our immersive learning online course. Join our team and we will offer you work based upon your availability, location and skill set.