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Impress Online: Key Stage 4

An intensive, 20-week intervention program in English Language, Maths (Foundation and Higher) and Double Science. 

Impress Online offers a structured program for Key Stage 4 students, in particular Year 11.

Providing a live teaching experience throughout 20 weeks, each lesson is based around misconceptions, misunderstandings and the most commonly found challenging aspects of the relevant GCSE courses.

Program structure

The 20 week program delivers courses in English, Maths and Science.

Each week we teach 3 separate sessions per course targeting different student abilities based on ‘expected grade’ ranges, namely grades 2-4, grades 5-6 and grades 7-9. Students will attend one of the weekly sessions per subject, depending on their expected grade range for that subject.

Each session is 90mins. In total, the program delivers 30hrs of live intervention per subject to each student, prior to and in preparation for each paper the students will sit in this year’s exam season.

Each course subject is divided into 4 segments of 5 weeks each.

Course Design

The courses were designed using a combination of information from a multitude of resources. The focus for the course was always around misunderstanding, miscommunication and the most challenging areas of a specification.

The staff involved in the curriculum design have significant experience in their own specific subject fields, as well as and including being senior examiners, mastery specialists, SLE’s or LLE’s in the relevant subject areas. In addition, Impress staff carried out their own research, as well as using established research from renowned and well respected educational bodies like the Education Endowment Fund. In addition, senior examiners reports were used as a source, from the five years prior to Covid, providing a fantastic landscape from which to create an incredible curriculum.


At the start of each 5-week segment there will be a baseline assessment of student ability. Then, at the end of the first, second and third 5-week segment, there will be a comparative assessment, allowing us to report on student progress.

At the end of the final 5 week segment the students will sit their terminal GCSE examinations.

Attendance & Engagement

Our platform allows us to report but the weekly attendance of each student, and their engagement during the live sessions via polls.

During each sessions we conduct up to 3 live polls that help us measure and report student engagement.

Qualitative Evaluation

At the start of the 20 week course, the students will be given an anonymous questionnaire looking at their attitudes to learning, what they think of their own ability and their satisfaction levels.

At the end of each 5 week block the students will be given a questionnaire, in addition to the qualitative assessment, looking at their enjoyment, access, satisfaction and perception of their own progress.


Safeguarding is of paramount importance to Impress and we operate robust safeguarding policies across the organisation for both onsite and offsite activities. 

For information relating to the security and safeguarding of the online platform please see our technical guide for further information. 

Recruitment of Staff

We look for the very best professionals in their fields. Each tutor is individually headhunted with the assistance of our recruitment department and only invited to apply once specific criteria are met. We have a dedicated business administration team to ensure our selection and recruitment policies are followed strictly and this gives our clients’ confidence that we are providing a safe and expert environment for students. 

We forge strong partnerships based on our deep commitment to promote safe recruitment; our internal  procedures are vigorous and in line with safer recruitment principles. We ensure all our tutors are recruited in accordance with the latest legislative advice and ensure our recruitment process is transparent to our clients. 

Our staff are selected once they have had full background checks and are fully DBS checked. Our core business model and ethos is on the basis that we provide high-calibre teaching experts. On that basis, we ensure a robust safeguarding and recruitment and selection procedure is followed when selecting staff.  

Staff Security and Monitoring

  • All staff will be given identifying name badges and lanyards so are easily identifiable to students/parents and other staff. Each staff member will be given allotted online access to carry out their designated online classes only.
  • Only those provided with online access will be able to access the online learning environment . 
  • Impress will be carrying out monitoring of sessions in a remote capacity to ensure the smooth operation of sessions and to ensure the security and safety of students and the quality of provision
  • All sessions are run using tight security protocols to ensure only allocated users can login to the platform.
  • Our staff are issued with a Code of Conduct that governs their environment, dress code and conduct in front of students at all times. In addition we will carry out live spot checks throughout the course sessions to ensure our tutors abide by our Code of Conduct at all times. If a concern is raised with us at any point throughout the course it will be investigated and dealt with immediately. 
  • All of our teachers hold a current DBS and have undergone extensive safeguarding checks and have undertaken annual safeguarding training.

Data Security

We take Data Security extremely seriously and work with a number of GDPR and security specialists to ensure our compliance with the latest legislation. Our policies and procedures are reviewed regularly.

Importantly, we have designed our online platform to operate without the need for any personally identifiable student data whatsoever. Students access the platform securely and anonymously, and no personally identifiable data is logged, stored or transferred to any third party whatsoever.

As a result this provides you as a data processor with the assurance that  no personal data is at risk and our GDPR  obligations are met. 

As a result this provides you as a school leader with the assurance that no personal data is at risk and our GDPR  obligations are not only met but we have ensured that we use any technical and security means available to us to protect students and schools from data loss.

Health and Safety

We operate and follow our own health and safety procedures and this also covers online activities. 

Risk Assessments for Online Activities

We will undertake a full risk assessment of our online activities upon booking confirmation.

  • We will put in place any necessary measures relating to the security of the online facility and delivery of online programmes. 
  • Impress activities are appropriately insured and Impress will make available if required a certificate of indemnity. Just checking the indemnity insurance covers online facilitation

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