National Tutoring Programme

Impress Education leads the way in creating calm, confident and capable students. 

Our programmes of learning have been chosen by the Department of Education to deliver on behalf of the Government’s National Tutoring Programme (NTP). We can now deliver our interventions at heavily subsidised rates up to 60% boosting progress for those students who need it the most. 

Stephen Caldwell delivering an English Language Masterclass.

How schools receive their NTP Funding

The following information is taken from the funding allocations and schedules for 2022/23 on the DfE website.There is no need to apply for this funding and schools will automatically receive their funding in three stages across the year; September 2022, December 2022 and April 2023.

  • All mainstream schools will receive £162 per pupil eligible for Pupil Premium
  • The fund can be used to cover 60% of your tutoring costs, up to a maximum of £18 per hour
  • Funding is allocated to provide each pupil with 15 hours of tutoring
  • Funding must be spent on tutoring and any unspent funding will be clawed back at the end of the academic year

Schools are free to spend above or below £18 per hour, and may provide more or less than 15 hours per pupil. They’re also free to use the funding to support pupils who are not eligible for Pupil Premium. It is simply a way to allocate funding per school.

At the end of the school year, schools will be required to report on:

  • Total hours of tutoring delivered
  • Total cost
  • Total pupils supported

The impact they had was phenomenal!

“We used Impress the Examiner with a small cohort of our Year 10 students and the impact they had was phenomenal! The facilitators were engaging experts in their own fields, and managed to build relationships with our students in a very short space of time. We will definitely be bringing them in again.”
The Hart School

Which pupils is the National Tutoring Programme funding for?

The NTP is available to pupils in Years 1-11 across all state schools.

Whilst the NTP bases the allocation of funding according to each school’s Pupil Premium numbers, schools are able to use the funding to support pupils in the way they see fit, including for pupils not eligible for Pupil Premium. However, the NTP recommends that schools prioritise their Pupil Premium cohorts for tuition sessions as research suggests these pupils have been most negatively impacted by the pandemic and resulting lockdowns and school closures.

What other funding is available to help pupils catch up?

As well as the NTP, schools also have the following funding options to provide catch up support to the pupils who need it most:

  • Pupil Premium
  • Recovery Premium

“Their subject knowledge was excellent”.

“Every single facilitator was genuinely outstanding and their subject knowledge was excellent. We were so impressed we have organised again for this year.”
David Astin
Executive Principal,
Harris Academy Orpington & Harris Girls’ Academy Bromley

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