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KS4 English

Jo Heathcote

Course Planner

Jo has twenty five years of examining experience and was Principal Examiner for GCSE English Language Foundation Tier. She was instrumental in the development team for the current specification and wrote all of the training materials for teachers, delivering training to over 1,000 colleagues. Jo currently acts as Principal Moderator for Edexcel English Language iGCSE 

Jo’s experience has led her to create published resources for Collins, Oxford University Press, York Notes and materials for GCSEpod.

Caroline Davis

Course teacher

Caroline is an experienced English teacher and Educational Consultant. For this reason she is an experienced trainer with a remarkable knowledge of the KS2/3 and 4 English Curriculum, and she is in constant demand as a trainer for AQA. Caroline has worked with a range of schools to adapt and update their Key Stage 3 curriculum and schemes of work. This has helped ensure the full requirements are met while providing a consistent platform for moving to Key Stage 4. Caroline is an experienced Senior Examiner. She co-authored the current AQA GCSE English Language Study Guide for AQA with Jo Heathcote.

KS4 Maths

Tom Manners

Course planner & qa

Tom is continually developing his knowledge on a “mastery” approach to Maths, all of which he has been sharing with schools in various guises. He hopes to share this passion for T&L with the new teachers within Arthur Terry National Teaching School’s SCITT and in other schools either through the Maths Hub or on a freelance basis. During the academic year 2018-19, Tom completed a Master’s degree at the University of Birmingham, and got a distinction in School Improvement and Educational Leadership. Tom believes in the school-to-school support model and much of his degree has focused on multi-academy trusts, teacher development and introducing Maths pedagogy. Tom’s work with Maximize was similarly enriching. He has always enjoyed inspiring pupils in different scenarios, whether it be mathematical, pastoral or exam-focused activities. Tom is an NCETM accredited professional development lead.

Gavin Hepherd-Hall

Course planner & teacher

Gavin is a Mastery Specialist with the NCETM as well as a Local Leader in Maths Education and PD lead.  Further, he has been accredited as a Lead Practitioner by the SSAT and supported other professionals in this path.  As leader of Teaching and Learning within Mathematics Gavin led his school to Specialist Status for Maths accredited by the SSAT within four years.  The year before Gavin arrived at the School Maths GCSE grade A*-C were sitting at 17%.  Through leading the transition into academy status in the department, challenging under performance and supporting professional development the Department reached 70.6% A*-C within 3 years.  This along with strong working relationships with the governors and wider school community were key in Specialist Subject Status for the School being awarded.

KS4 Science

Bukky Yusuf

Course planner & QA

FED Council Member Bukky Yusuf is a Thought Leader with over twenty years teaching experience. She has undertaken several leadership roles within mainstream and special school settings, centring around professional development programmes, quality first teaching and learning and effective implementations of Educational Technology.

Bukky has also been a successful Secondary Science Consultant within a local authority. During this role she worked with Senior Leaders, Middle Leaders and teachers across primary and secondary schools and provided strategic support, challenge, and advice. At local authority level, she has vast experience of strategic planning and professional development delivery to schools and local authority-based educators.

Beyond the classroom, Bukky has a variety of Ed(ucation) Tech(nology) experiences which includes participating as a judge for The EdTech50 Schools, BETT Awards and serving as an Education Board Member for Innovate My School. In 2019, she was appointed by the Department of Education as co-chair for the EdTech Leadership Group.

Sam Holyman

Course planner & Teacher (Chemistry & Biology)

Sam is an explosive(literally) and experienced Science teacher, who is also Co-Founder of FastTrack Science. Formerly ASE President and nominated with the British Science Council as one of the top scientists(Education Scientist Category). Sam is not only a full time teacher but also an academic author. She writes books for both teachers and pupils and electronic resources for a variety of publishers including OUP and Pearson. Sam is a Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry and a regular presenter for STEM Learning UK. 

Terry Baylis

Course planner & Teacher (physics)

Terry Baylis (Nottingham BEng 2009, Birmingham MEd 2013) became head of physics early in his career, at an exceptional east London school, where he later worked as 2ic and lead teacher. He then worked as a consultant for the one of the country’s best performing federation of schools. He is currently working as an Assistant Principal in a start up school whilst also working for the federation’s school improvement team. He believes in pushing students of all abilities to achieve their true potential through high expectations and putting the science into a context they understand.

Dario Papavassiliou

Course Teacher

Dario Papavassiliou (Imperial College MSci 2011, Warwick PhD 2016) worked at an outstanding East London school at a teacher of physics, where he also coached students in the Sixth Form towards university admission exams for STEM subjects, as well as coaching the British Physics Olympiad team. He firmly believes that all students can learn to love and excel in STEM and is passionate about tackling the fear that students often feel when faced with them.


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