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In an era of high-stakes exam results, schools are under pressure to encourage students to cram the facts because their performance in their exams is decisive.

The weeks leading up to GCSE, IGCSE or IBACC/EBACC exams consume many students with fear which, our Founders continually observed, hindered their learning. A different approach was needed to assuage this anxiety and create a confidence around exams that would truly transform outcomes.
Tamara, a former International Baccalaureate examiner, felt students could achieve higher grades not by memorising the syllabus, but by demystifying exams. Students would approach exams with greater confidence if they understood what examiners are looking for.

Impress Education want to empower students throughout KS4 and beyond to look at learning from a different angle.
Impress works with schools to boost achievement through research-tested pedagogy, which unveils the thinking behind the exam content.

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